quality Non-Proprietary control systems

As elevators age and equipment becomes obsolete, interruptions in service
and frequent shutdowns occur. A modernization replaces those components
that create operational and safety concerns.

San Francisco Elevator Services uses quality non-proprietary control systems in all
of our modernizations. From hydraulic to gearless elevators, we will provide you with a quality modernization that is reliable and efficient. Non-proprietary control systems keep you in charge of your elevator.

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A  modernization performed by San Francisco Elevator Services will increase the reliability and safety of your buildings conveyance system.

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A non-proprietary control system puts you in charge of your building's elevators.  A non-proprietary system can be serviced and repaired by any qualified elevator contractor.  This puts you in control of your elevators; not the original equipment manufacturer.

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  • On board diagnostics and programming
  • Technical support direct from the controller manufacturer
  • Installation, adjustment, and troubleshooting documentation available to any qualified elevator contractor
  • Factory software updates
  • Technical bulletins