San Francisco Elevator offers a full range of elevator service, repair, and modernization services for most elevator makes and models. We focus on your elevators, so you can focus on your building.

Elevator Service

Our elevator service plans give you the right choices to keep your equipment running in optimal operating condition.  We can customize your service levels and intervals to create a service plan that meets your needs. Our elevator service plans help extend the life of your equipment and minimize equipment downtime through regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and system checkups. We employ qualified union personnel who pride themselves in the craft of elevator maintenance and customer service.

Elevator Repair

Our Repair Department is trained and equipped to perform testing to satisfy State Preliminary Orders, load tests, cab upgrades, ADA upgrades, single bottom cylinder replacements, and maintenance repairs to keep your elevators operating smoothly.

Our mechanics strive to be proactive when it comes to your elevator’s needs. We will work hard to identify issues. When your elevator is shut down, we will work with you to ensure that you are up to date on the repair status. If the repair is not covered under your maintenance contract, we will provide a detailed repair proposal for your review and approval.

Elevator Modernization

As elevators age and equipment becomes obsolete, interruptions in service and frequent shutdowns can occur. A modernization replaces those components that create operational and safety concerns.

In addition, modernization saves energy and money through more energy efficient operation, and allows building owners to achieve elevator compliance with changing seismic, fire, and ADA codes.

San Francisco Elevator Services uses quality non-proprietary control systems in all of our modernizations. From hydraulic to gearless elevators, we will provide you with a quality modernization that is reliable and efficient. Non-proprietary control systems keep you in charge of your elevator.

Inspection and Compliance Testing

Whenever an elevator is newly installed or reactivated — or modernization work is completed — a state safety inspection is required. This ensures that the device meets applicable Elevator Safety Orders and complies with applicable design parameters.

Re-inspections are normally conducted on an annual basis. Re-inspections are required in order to review the activity and maintenance of the device, and to ensure compliance with applicable Safety Orders.

San Francisco Elevator has Certified Competent Conveyance Mechanics (CCCM) who are licensed and certified to ensure compliance in accordance with state guidelines. If you have a time-sensitive requirement for elevator inspection service, please call us at 844-442-7337.